Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving... I am ALWAYS thankful but, wanted to take a few moments to mention them here. I am thankful for....

My husband
My family
My friends
My job
My home
My cats
My health
My blog readers

But, what I am most thankful for this year is that I don't have to EVER worry if my son J will be leaving.... I am thankful for 2 birth families that finally put their children first and wanted them to grow up in a stable loving home.... I am thankful that I am a FOREVER Mommy because of them.... Without adoption, I would not be a Mom....

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you have a great day with your family & friends today!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trick or Treat Street 2011!

Trick or Treat @ the mall!

Black suited Spiderman has arrived!

**** Wow! 3 posts in one day! I'm on a roll now!!!!********

Pumpkin picking & playing @ the farm......

Proud of his pumpkins....

The apple [or worm depending on how you look at the picture] of our eye!

Rope climbing!

Daddy & Farmer Jeffrey!

Today we took our family trip to the farm to play & pick our pumpkins! We had a great time! I love our tradition of going the anniversary of the weekend J came to live with us.... This same farm was the first place we ever took J. I love that we come back here!

2 years today.....

Two years ago today a little boy walked into our home and lives and stole our hearts.... I can't belive it's been 2 years since J came to live with us.... Such a handsome little boy that has come so far....

He asks me quite often the same question & I have to give the same answer:

J: Mommy, why do you love me?
Me: Because you are my son, my wish come true & my best friend.

I started asking him this question and requiring an answer after he asks me. This is what I got:

Me: Why do YOU love ME?
J: Because you adopted me!

Good answer son, good answer! Yes, 2 years ago today our lives changed and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love you JTD!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A tale of two fishies....

*new* fish on the left-- Redy Bluey & *old* fish on the right-- Chaser Blue

Before school started last week, J said he wanted another Betta fish. We made a deal. If he had a good first week of school we would grant his wish.... He had a great first week of school [with a few minor bumps in the road but, much better than we expected] so, today we paid up. Above on the left side of the fish bowl I introduce you to Redy Bluey! He now joins Chaser Blue [you know, the replacement fish for Nemo the one who came up *missing*].... Now I am glad I bought the bowl w/a divider so we can have 2 beautiful fish to watch swim around!

Monday, August 29, 2011

1st day of 1st grade!

It's going to be a Super[hero] school year!

Ready for 1st grade!!

My big boy getting on the bus!

One more pic for Mommy before heading off!

Finally home after his 1st day!

Today was Jeffrey's 1st day of 1st grade.... I have been both excited and anxious for this day to come.... The past 2 yrs he has not been successful in school settings.... Yes, I know we have an IEP in place now. Yes, I know it's a different year/school/teacher.... But, I can't help but to wonder how this year is going to be.... We've been talking about school. Jeffrey has been asking 'When am I going to school?' for several weeks now, so I am glad the day finally came! The school was very nice and let us *visit* one day last week by ourselves since he is new to the school. We got a private tour and we met the teacher & principal while we were there. On Thursday was the school sponsored open house & picnic. My hubby met J & I at the open house. We got to meet the teacher [again] and her 2 aides that are in the room too. We found out there are 5 kids in J's class-- ALL BOYS! We pointed out his name all around the room and showed him different things. Daddy had to go back to work but, J & I stayed for the picnic. It was nice but, we didn't know many people so, we just hung out and had a drink.... His teacher asked him what his favorite subject was... My son's answer-- RECESS! Yeah-- that is my boy!

This past weekend we had a hurricane in our area. Irene. I wasn't sure if school would start today or not. But, after a pre-recorded phone call from the school yesterday it was official.... My boy would start 1st grade tomorrow!

Jeffrey was excited to start school today.... He had a great day! He got all *smileys* which is a good thing! He was excited to talk about his day tonight.... His favorite part of his day? Recess! [imagine that]

When we told him he was going to 1st grade J argued w/ me for days that he was: 'Not smart enough for 1st grade!' I assured him he was and that if he wasn't ready they wouldn't pass him on to the next grade.... Tonight as he was going to bed my sweet, sweet boy said 'Mommy, you were right.... I am smart enough to go to 1st grade!' Yes you are my lil man! Yes you are!

I am excited to see how much he learns & grows this year!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer time fun... pics.....

Beach Day w/ Mommy & Aunt K 8.21.11
Inflatable slip & slide for a friend's 6th birthday party 8.20.11

State Park Waterpark 8.15.11

*Jawbone* Jeffrey on the Pirate Adventure Cruise 8.15.11

School is a week away and we have had a busy week trying to squeeze in some last minute summer time fun. On Monday a co-worker & I took J & her grandson that was in town for a visit on a Pirate Adventure cruise. It was so fun to see the kids have a great time! The place we went out of did an awesome job! After the pirate cruise we took the boys to a state park that had a small waterpark in it. Mother nature cooperated so we could have 2 1/2 hrs of fun in the sun before it stormed. We were leaving anyway when they announced they were closing the park for storms in the area. Yesterday we went to a farm/car show in the morning and to a birthday party for a friend's daughter who was turning 6. The rented a blow up slip & slide and the kids had a BLAST! Today my sister came in town for the day so we could take J to the beach. We had fun there then came home and relaxed, got crabs in the afternoon, made s'mores and watched our favorite TV program. J is in bed & she is on her way home but, it was an awesome day! This is J's last week before school. We are going to visit it 2x this week. I am hoping this year will be J's best year & with the special things we have in place he will be successful.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday [almost]

*that he is!*

A picture of J when we were @ the doctor's office a couple weeks ago [for a well check]... I love that I can still dress him in shirts like this & he doesn't care!

Ps. I know I have been neglecting my blog, and yes I know I have promised to do better... We have just been SO busy lately enjoying life as a FOREVER family & not worrying if J will ever leave... I will come back soon I promise! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

[birthday] Wishes Do Come True!!!!

Jeffrey & his *my dad is fly* shirt on Father's Day...

Fishing w/ Daddy on Father's Day....

Today is my birthday.... I am 35! For the past several years when my family & friends would sing 'Happy Birthday' to me, in my heart I was wishing [longing] to be a [forever] Mommy.... This year 20 days early my birthday wish for all these years FINALLY came true! I am now the FOREVER Mama to my lil man!

I am sorry I haven't had a chance to write our adoption day story but, my birthday also marks the end of the fiscal year @ work which is a busy time for us... So, we have been busy, busy and then when I get home by the time I get errands, dinner, bath, snack & bedtime done, I am ready to relax! I will try to do it soon [before Jeffrey turns 18!]... For now, here are some more pics of our lil man!

Thank you Jeffrey for making Mama's birthday wish come true this year!!! I love you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Adoption Day-- Picture Post

[my new favorite quote! It was on our table @ the party DSS hosted after the adoptions]

Picture w/ the judge!

First official family photo!

Today we became a forever family.... I will be back later to post our adoption day story but, wanted to be sure to post the pics today since it might take a day or 2 to get to it.... It's been a WONDERFUL but, busy day.....

Welcome to the family-- Jeffrey! We love you so much!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks & 3 days.....

.... that is how long my hubby & I have been J's foster parents.... Tomorrow that will all change... We will be his FOREVER parents! We got a call this past Monday morning.... Finalization is on Friday! THIS FRIDAY I asked? Yes, THIS FRIDAY she said.... There were calls to make and I had to request the day off from work.... And I hadn't picked out what we would wear yet! It's been a whirlwind week..... Some of our family won't be able to attend due to the short notice and other prior commitments but, we know they will be there in our hearts.... We can celebrate later because we now know we have a LIFETIME ahead of us.... After tomorrow J will be FOREVER our son and NO ONE will be able to take him away!

I am so excited.... I feel like it's Christmas or my birthday [yes, I will be 35 in a few weeks and I STILL love my birthday!]....

Tomorrow my dear faithful friends & followers.... I will FINALLY be able to show you my sweet J's face and tell you his name! Thank you for your support and I am sorry I haven't been showing you much attention lately but, now, I will be able to share my family and our life to you fully and completely! Tomorrow.....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear J,

Today was a big day in court for our soon to be *forever family*.... Today I was both happy and yet sad & proud at the same time....

Pride and sadness because the woman who brought you into the world had to make the hardest decision I am sure in her whole life but, it was the best decision she could've made for YOU!

Happy because this means we are one step closer to you becoming our *forever Son*! I can't wait to get the magical day that I can FINALLY share you with the world and tell everyone you are FOREVER ours!

I love you Lil Monkey!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

J's Easter Basket this year... The Easter Bunny had trouble getting all that stuff to fit in there! But, EB learned it's lesson from last year and got a bigger basket so stuff didn't have to sit on the counter again this year! See last years post.

Very Early in the morning checking out his stash from the EB!

J loves bubbles and this year the EB got him a battery powered bubble blower! He loved it!

Trying out his new tool!

His own private egg hunt....

We had a quiet Easter at home. My MIL cooked dinner so we did go over there in the early evening to eat but, other than that we were at home.... J had a nice Easter.... He was up early though and so I am exhausted and won't be long out of bed myself.....

Hope everyone had a great holiday too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

18 months.....

Dear J,

18 months ago tonight you walked into our home and stole our hearts.... We didn't know how long you would be with us and the past 18 months have been a roller coaster ride. I love you more & more each day.... I love to see you learn something new and are so proud of yourself! You are a funny lil man too! Always making Daddy & I laugh... I can't wait until I can share more about you to my family and friends. And I can't wait to be able to show your handsome lil face!

So, as you sleep tonight waiting for the Easter Bunny to make his stop at our house, know that I love you and I am grateful for having you in my life!


Monday, April 11, 2011

bad, bad day.... [AKA: RIP Nemo!]


J the proud *daddy* looking @ his pride & joy the day we got him...

Today was a bad day. A very, very bad day..... The day started off rough as I couldn't find my keys when I was getting ready to walk out the door for work. My hubby & I looked & looked until we both HAD to leave for work.... All I could think about was where they could be. I used the valet key for my car then realized when I went to search my car AGAIN at work that the only way to get in my car is to have the key remote! So, called my hubby and my wonderful FIL brought me his key. My hubby got home first as I did some errands since I didn't have a key to get in the house until he got home... I am in the check out of the store and my phone rings... One of our 3 *precious* cats ATE J's fish! We usually keep his room door closed when we are gone but, I guess in our rush to look for keys and get out the door we forgot and one of the cats [we think it was our big boy Chase] decided to have a snack! We had to tell J when we got home and I promised to go get him a new one tomorrow right after work. I felt so bad. J did pretty good at taking the news [especially since we promised him a *new* Nemo].... He kept telling me all night-- *Mommy, I am not mad at you* *Mommy I am not going to punish you.* *Mommy, I still love you!* He was such a big boy! Nemo was a reward from J's caseworker for something she gave him to work on.... I feel so bad that his first real pet has perished so soon....

RIP Nemo! We love you! We will miss you!

Oh and by the way.... My keys-- the things that started this bad, bad day off.... They are at the grocery store... My hubby is on his way to go get them now..... After tearing the house, car and yes- trash apart... I finally called the store & they were there....

Ps. I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while but, life has been SUPER busy.... We had an important court date last week but, it was postponed until next month....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Operation Birthday Party 2011

Spider-man was the theme this year!!

I saw this shirt on a blog I follow and *had* to have one for J's big day! Thanks Lisa for letting me know where you got yours! Everyone [including J] loved it!

Enjoying a swim at his birthday party!

Back @ home relaxing w/ his new DS game my friend gave him... He loves it!
We decided to have a *real* birthday party this year for J & some friends since we didn't get to do something like this last year for his birthday. Since he has a winter birthday I was trying to find something fun and different to do for him. A friend of mine suggested a pool party @ the Y. My hubby liked the idea and plans were set in motion... Due to 5-6 yr olds not being able to have a concept of time/days I decided to keep the details of J's party until 2 days prior. He was so excited when he found out he was having a pool party! The party went well. We swam first then headed to the party room for pizza, presents, pinata & cake [in that order per the birthday boy's request!]. Several kids & parents stated it was a fun time and one child told his Mom *it was the best party he had ever been too!* That made me feel good! I had a lot of help [thank goodness] and people just pitched in to help! J had a good day! I have to work tomorrow which is his actual birthday but, we partied up today!

Happy Birthday J! I love you & hope you had a great day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

This year's attempt to make my guys a special Valentine's Day themed breakfast!

Our 1st handmade Valentine from J [I don't remember getting one last year]
Today is Valentine's Day.... My hubby & I worked.... J was @ school.... My hubby & I spent our Valentine's Day evening getting our taxes done.... Plus side, it was nice and quiet in there b/c lets face it-- not many people are going to get their taxes done on the day of love.... For us, it was our only night *free* to get it done and we were anxious to see what was in store for us this year.... We were pleased so it turned out well! When we picked J up from my in-laws and came home we looked at his valentines he got at school today.... The valentine made w/ love pictured above fell out of his bag and he handed it to me and said 'It's for you & Daddy!'.... My hubby does a great job picking out cards that mean a lot to me but, I have to say this is one of my faves now too!
Happy Valentines's Day to all!
Ps. In 7 days J turns 6 yrs old!! We are hosting our first children's birthday party this Sunday! It's a pool party but, J doesn't know yet! I can't wait for him to find out!!! I hope I can get everything ready in time!!! I am procrastinating a bit! Pics will be posted as soon as I can!

Friday, January 28, 2011

2 year ago......

2 years ago today I lost my friend.... 2 years has gone by and sometimes I still don't believe it's true.... 2 years since we said goodbye.... And I still really, really miss you! Sometimes I wonder what life would be like.... If that day you hadn't been taken away.... But, then I realize that you are never far away... You will always be in my heart.... and my thoughts....

I still think of and miss you everyday MK! I will never forget you!! xoxo

Monster Trucks 2011!

Buddies!!! I love them!

Side by Side!

After jumping together!

Solo jumper

Mud Boggin'
I apologize for my absence.... I know I owe a Christmas update since it's been a while that I have posted anything.... I will try to do an end of 2010 recap sometime soon but, wanted to get these on too.
Last year my sis & I took J to the Circus. This year, my hubby & I decided to take him to see the Monster Trucks.... J has been looking forward to it all week.... And-- because we are still in *new* parent mode we decided to go on opening night.... When they start at J's bedtime.... He FELL ASLEEP after seeing the first couple of jumps! Yep..... Our lil man slept right through it..... I got some cute shots of him sleeping w/ his earmuffs on..... Everyone that walked by stared at him because I don't think they could believe it!

When we woke him up to come home.... J said he had a good time! We just laughed inside.... I guess he thought he saw it all!