Monday, August 29, 2011

1st day of 1st grade!

It's going to be a Super[hero] school year!

Ready for 1st grade!!

My big boy getting on the bus!

One more pic for Mommy before heading off!

Finally home after his 1st day!

Today was Jeffrey's 1st day of 1st grade.... I have been both excited and anxious for this day to come.... The past 2 yrs he has not been successful in school settings.... Yes, I know we have an IEP in place now. Yes, I know it's a different year/school/teacher.... But, I can't help but to wonder how this year is going to be.... We've been talking about school. Jeffrey has been asking 'When am I going to school?' for several weeks now, so I am glad the day finally came! The school was very nice and let us *visit* one day last week by ourselves since he is new to the school. We got a private tour and we met the teacher & principal while we were there. On Thursday was the school sponsored open house & picnic. My hubby met J & I at the open house. We got to meet the teacher [again] and her 2 aides that are in the room too. We found out there are 5 kids in J's class-- ALL BOYS! We pointed out his name all around the room and showed him different things. Daddy had to go back to work but, J & I stayed for the picnic. It was nice but, we didn't know many people so, we just hung out and had a drink.... His teacher asked him what his favorite subject was... My son's answer-- RECESS! Yeah-- that is my boy!

This past weekend we had a hurricane in our area. Irene. I wasn't sure if school would start today or not. But, after a pre-recorded phone call from the school yesterday it was official.... My boy would start 1st grade tomorrow!

Jeffrey was excited to start school today.... He had a great day! He got all *smileys* which is a good thing! He was excited to talk about his day tonight.... His favorite part of his day? Recess! [imagine that]

When we told him he was going to 1st grade J argued w/ me for days that he was: 'Not smart enough for 1st grade!' I assured him he was and that if he wasn't ready they wouldn't pass him on to the next grade.... Tonight as he was going to bed my sweet, sweet boy said 'Mommy, you were right.... I am smart enough to go to 1st grade!' Yes you are my lil man! Yes you are!

I am excited to see how much he learns & grows this year!


  1. i just saw that he is officially adopted, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think he will have a great year. :)