Friday, January 28, 2011

2 year ago......

2 years ago today I lost my friend.... 2 years has gone by and sometimes I still don't believe it's true.... 2 years since we said goodbye.... And I still really, really miss you! Sometimes I wonder what life would be like.... If that day you hadn't been taken away.... But, then I realize that you are never far away... You will always be in my heart.... and my thoughts....

I still think of and miss you everyday MK! I will never forget you!! xoxo

Monster Trucks 2011!

Buddies!!! I love them!

Side by Side!

After jumping together!

Solo jumper

Mud Boggin'
I apologize for my absence.... I know I owe a Christmas update since it's been a while that I have posted anything.... I will try to do an end of 2010 recap sometime soon but, wanted to get these on too.
Last year my sis & I took J to the Circus. This year, my hubby & I decided to take him to see the Monster Trucks.... J has been looking forward to it all week.... And-- because we are still in *new* parent mode we decided to go on opening night.... When they start at J's bedtime.... He FELL ASLEEP after seeing the first couple of jumps! Yep..... Our lil man slept right through it..... I got some cute shots of him sleeping w/ his earmuffs on..... Everyone that walked by stared at him because I don't think they could believe it!

When we woke him up to come home.... J said he had a good time! We just laughed inside.... I guess he thought he saw it all!